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29 Software Requirements for a Democratic Knowledge Society

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Reasons for the use of Free Software and the abandonment of the Exclusive

With proprietary software States decide whether literate and open citizen participation cost US $ 500 per person, software license payments to a multinational, become criminals or the crime of sharing.

Governments must make decisions thinking about improving their society. Not enough that the software used in the State carry out a task according to technical parameters, that is the least expensive, but it must also be politically correct and strategically appropriate, satisfying an additional set of requirements, without which the State can not guarantee the citizen adequate processing of information, much less can we build a government-mail or a digital democracy.

Every decision referred to software should be evaluated by contrasting its effects in various areas. In some cases the impact is direct and to the decision of the State determines results in that area. In other cases the choice of state policies promote or induce the so-called civil society, citizens and businesses.

The evaluation criteria should arise on the use of software in the state. These criteria are expressed in a set of policy measures at different levels and executives.

This will be reflected in laws, decrees and technical standards. For example, procurement rules.

Also be incorporated into the rules of each institution, and when it comes to shopping in general and specific conditions of each statement. In these cases, the heads of each purchase will assess the best choice among those submitted. The scheme does not exclude certain suppliers but imposes general and specific criteria to be met by the software. They are the suppliers who decide whether state license their products under the conditions that he asks or not.


Software prerequisites for the state in relation to different topics:


The software should allow the state itself, its citizens and the political opposition to audit what their real purpose and functions. In particular avoid hidden doors without the knowledge of government imposed by suppliers, third party, or foreign agents. The state should participate in developing their software and make key decisions. The software must be uniformly used in all divisions. All applications must interoperate with each other.

The State must use storage and transmission standards, information and documents, not subject to private monopolies. This ensures continuity in the public and private information in their care, and independence from suppliers.

The Software of the state must promote democratization of access to information and systems, providing a multidirectional communication between himself and his community. Should allow construction of more diverse and fair society.


The State shall promote the education of its citizens.

How to tell a child that his CD with games is the only toy that should not provide [030]?. Because building a world where the teenager who finds a way to change a password and is explained to the world, goes to jail for it, instead of being considered a genius.

It is impossible to study computer without access to source code. To train new generations of technicians, children should be able to "disarm" your software and rebuild it as they wish.

The State requires freedom of use, modification and distribution of software, in order to realize programs of technological literacy and inclusion for people using minimal resources.

Company: Freedoms, Rights and Beyond:

The State shall guarantee the right to communicate, the right to know and manage the technology used to understand and interpret the information that flows through our fields and the right to privacy of individual data . It must promote technological independence and innovation. Should implement policies that help build more fair and transparent.

The type of code and communication networks are used and determine whether pursuing a democratic and open society, or closed, technocratic and structured, a business area of competition or a system of absolute monopoly.

Internet represents a global level of interaction between human society and culture. The language of articulation software processes. Free Software is a new social movement. Internet more Free Software equivalent to realize the Another World is Possible, which is beginning to build from the trenches of technology [180]

Quality and Safety:

It takes a flawless software, stable, secure, efficient, drawing scarce resources, allowing many users to work in different terminals, which updates, corrections or improvements do not require you to reinstall or change any hardware and ensure the wide variety of software available. Security by obscurity has consistently failed to build a network free of viruses and crackers.