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IRC meeting on 20110509

IRC meeting Log file is saved as Log_meeting-20110509.txt in multimedia area. You can get it from there.

I (Luis) read carefully the irc meeting log and I submit my conclusions for its results.

Meeting Log Sintexis

Participants: argon; chescobar; fadi; jucar; luis; palby, surf.

Moderator: chescobar.

Subject: We agree on talk about three principal points:

  1. servers and migration;
  2. policy; and
  3. getting funds.

P.1: Localization of servers

Agree in moving the resources. Geographical distribution of servers, according to some guidelines:

a. security and bandwhidt
b. local maintenance (hardware, principaly)
c. local legal considerations (p2p, etc.)
  • Residence locations as posible: Italy (Turin, Genova, Salerno); Ecuador; Uruguay; Sweden, India.
 (Will be made a table of some kind: #Server / City / Responsable)
  • On each place, with a "goodfather" as a server's coordinator (= Responsable).
  • The international distribution of contents, is considered a important choice for security and legal reasons.
  • Perhaps will be necessary to standby the distribution of some machines in order of these international relocalization of the equipments. The international moving out of EU would be a problem to resolve (physical and financiary).
  • Explore the posibilities to expand to others countries, as Russia, Ukrania, etc..
  • Is defined a primer chronogram for moving some equipment (> May 16, move to Turin).

P.2: Policy

  • Servers will host all our projects.
  • Some servers will be dedicated to multiprocessing, hosting a blender farm or/and projects like this (rendering processes), with good bandwidth.
  • Projects started to rebuild: unasur/dakshinsur; space-hipatia
  • Projects will be made under hipatia brand
  • Rules will be made. Include compromise.
  • Start-point documents:

P.3: Getting funds

  • We agree in that is necessary to design a robust project to get funds.
  • The goals of the project define the funds's sources.
  • Posibles sources: UNESCO,
  • Start-point document (as goals orientation):


Next meeting: 17/5/2011 at 1800 Ecuador / 0100 Italy / 2000 Uruguay

Personal notes = BRAINSTORM

Actual resources:

- 2 machines in Sweden, with many vserver in each of them (gnu.org.in; web4all.in; etc.), and hosting several domains.
- Others possible resources: TopIX; Axant; Bahnhoff


. Description of the resources in discussion. Equipment, configurations, actives domains, etc..
 Matteo had make a page [1] for this goal.
. Design of network matrix proposed.


. The project brand would be in IT sociology; social economy; cultural change; education; original cultures diffusion.


  • Repositories for OPLC software from uruguayan Ceibal Project
  • Multimedia resources and videoconference rooms for international projects between regional Universities, and others educational projects