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Enrique A. Chaparro

  • Mathematician, with degrees from Universidad de Buenos Aires, University of Waterloo and Royal Holloway - University of London.
  • Specialist in computer security and cryptography.
  • Consultant for the Interamerican Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and other multilateral organizations.
  • Member of the IACR (International Association of Cryptologic Research) and IEEE CS TCSP (IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy)
  • Member of Fundacion Via Libre.
  • Responsible for several free software implementations in governmental agencies in Argentina.
  • Contributor to several legislative initiatives for use of free software in the government in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.
  • Usually speaks on free software technical an philosophical issues. Last appearances (2003): II Congreso Internacional de Software Libre, Manizales, Colombia; IV Forum Internacional de Software Livre, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil.
  • Lives around the world, but reckons a home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.