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This is a mediawiki plug in installed by Argon


Provides per-namespace and per-page header + footer inclusion.


  • Speed: integrated with parser caching
  • Secure: header and footer articles are located in the NS_MEDIAWIKI namespace
  • Controllable: headers and/or footers can be disabled on pages which are edit protected
  • Customizable: headers and footers are wrapped in <div> elements


Per-Namespace Header and Footer

Edit the pages:

  • MediaWiki:Hf-nsheader-namespace name
  • MediaWiki:Hf-nsfooter-namespace name

For the 'main' namespace, just use blank i.e. no string, but with the hyphen:

  • MediaWiki:Hf-nsheader-
  • MediaWiki:Hf-nsfooter-

Per-Page Header and Footer

Edit the pages:

  • MediaWiki:Hf-header-page name
  • MediaWiki:Hf-footer-page name

Disable commands

On edit protected pages, one can add

  • __NOHEADER__ to suppress the page level header
  • __NOFOOTER__ to suppress the page level footer
  • __NONSHEADER__ to suppress the namespace level header
  • __NONSFOOTER__ to suppress the namespace level footer


  • Page Level Header: <div class="hf-header">
  • Namespace Level Header: <div class="hf-nsheader">
  • Page Level Footer: <div class="hf-footer">
  • Namespace Level Footer: <div class="hf-nsfooter">