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The help pages are provided by Hipatia volunteers to help wiki contributors.
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The url address must be between the <feed>[...]</feed> tags. For example:

<feed url="http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_uk_edition/front_page/rss.xml">
'''{DATE}, by {AUTHOR}'''

This will pull the BBC News feed and output five posts. For every post, it will output the data between the feed tags, replacing {PERMALINK}, {TITLE}, {DATE}, {AUTHOR} and {DESCRIPTION} with the appropriate information.


You can customize the output by using the following:

The URL of the feed. This argument is not optional.
The number of post entries to output. This defaults to 5, but can be any number. 0 is unlimited.
If this is set to "planet" then the post title and author will be retrieved from the title. For example, a post in a planet/aggregator could have a title "Joe Bloggs: MediaWiki is great". If type="planet" is set, then {TITLE} will become "Mediawiki is great", and {AUTHOR} will become "Joe Bloggs".
The format of the date to output. This conforms to PHP's date function syntax. This defaults to j F Y (E.g. 3 March 2007).

Further examples

Using an aggregator's feed

<feed url="http://planet.debian.org/rss20.xml" type="planet">
'''{DATE}, by {AUTHOR}'''

This will remove the author's name from the title of the post, and setting its value to {AUTHOR}.

Changing the date format

<feed url="http://planet.debian.org/rss20.xml" date="h:i:s d/m/y T">...

Changes the date format to, in this example, "23:20:04 24/03/2007 GMT".