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Usage Instructions

The todo template is self documenting. The basic idea is that whenever you want to assign a task to some user, simply add the text

{{todo|What to do|who1, who2, etc}}

where the last parameter is a comma separated list of wiki usernames, full user names, or partial lastnames (case insensitive) to whom the tasks should be assigned.

Even if project tracking is enabled, association of a task with a project is optional. To assign a task to a project, simply use

{{todo|What to do|who1, who2, etc|project=proj1,proj2,etc}}

The actual assigning of a task is done when the Save Page button is clicked when done editing the page. The act of assigning the task will send out an email to all task assignees if the md5 sum of the task text concatenated with the task assignees (but not with the task associated projects) is new. In other words, an email will go out whenever the task text is changed, task assignees are changed/reordered, or a new task is created. Note: clicking the Show Preview button when editing the page does not count as an assignment of a task.

Every user can also view their complete list of tasks. This extension will add a new user specific navigation link called My Tasks. When viewed with the MonoBook skin, this link will appear the upper right hand corner of every page. The same list can be accessed by going to Special:TaskList page. Note: to view the tasks of other users, simply go to Special:TaskList/username where username is the username of the user whose tasks you are trying to view. As of v0.7.4, it is now possible to view tasks for a list of users by simply going to Special:TaskList/username1,username2,etc. This is especially handy when a manager wants to monitor the assigned tasks for a whole team.

If project tracking is enabled, then there will be another wiki page entitled Special:TaskListByProject. This page can be used to view all tasks assigned to any user on a per-project basis.