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Nota su questa pagina

Nota: questa pagina è mantenuta da Guri. Per info o suggerimenti per favore contattare 
guri [at] hipatia [dot] net, sostituendo [at] e [dot] con @ e . rispettivamente. Oppure utilizzate l'apposita pagina di discussione.
Note: this page is maintained by Guri. For questions or info about this page 
please contact guri [at] hipatia [dot] net, substituting [at] with @ and [dot] with a period. You may also use the discussion page.

Footer Template deprecated

From 18-05-2011 the Template Footer_Guri is deprecated. It was meant to serve as a common footer for all the wiki pages, but now it has been substituted by a common footer embedded through CSS in every wiki page. We maintain the link to the deprecated template just for reference. Argon