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Table of Contents for Free Software, Free Society
Editor's Note
A Note on Software
Topic Guide
Section One: The GNU Project and Free Software

      • The GNU Project (es),
      • The GNU Manifesto (es), (pt)
      • Free Software Definition (es), (pt)
      • Why Software Should Not Have Owners (es), (pt)
      • What's in a Name? (es), (pt)
      • Why "Free Software" is Better Than "Open Source" (es)
      • Releasing Free Software if You Work at a University (pt)
      • Selling Free Software (es),
      • Free Software Needs Free Documentation (en)
      • Free Software Song (en)

Section Two: Copyright, Copyleft, and Patents

      • The Right to Read (es), (pt)
      • Misinterpreting Copyright - A Series of Errors (en)
      • Science Must 'Push' Copyright Aside (en)
      • What is Copyleft? (es), (pt)
      • Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism (en)
      • The Danger of Software Patents (en)

Section Three: Freedom, Society and Software

      • Can You Trust Your Computer? (es)
      • Why Software Should Be Free (es),(pt)
      • Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks (es), (pt)
      • Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation (en)
      • Words to Avoid (es), (pt)

Section Four: The Licenses

      • GNU General Public License (GPL) (es), (pt_BR)
      • GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) (es)
      • GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) (es)