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where says: "and the high cost of software is one of them." I think is better to change it, price is not the highest priority.


  • Where the document states:"Free software community (sometimes called free and open source software community)" it should be changed, because free software and open source are different thing (please see: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html"). I think the sentence should be changed to something like: "Free software and open source community [...]" In this way free software and OSS are not presented as equivalent.
  • we can also point out the fact that all the freedoms provided by free software contribute, especially inside schools, in creating awareness in students of their power and role inside the community. The freedom 3 especially, invest everyone with the big responsibility to share their code and make it available for the community. If we extend this concept to every context in knowledge (and not just in software) we experienced that the whole idea of individual benefit is transformed into the one of everyone's benefit. This means that people, working in the "free software way", generate enrichment and growth for the whole community and this at the same time leads to an improvement of the life of every single person (and so also individual benefit).

If all these ideas are inside the educational system, then a persistent network of people will raise, and this will last also outside school. So schools, adopting free software can achieve another target: the one of creating better and aware citizens of the society.

I think this is an important point to underline and i hope to have been clear enough.

suggested by Argon

I've made many heavy changes to the declaration in order to:

  • better focus it, politically speaking (up to my very personal and highly questionable point of view)
  • try to clarify where the problem lies with software and where with pedagogy or participation

I hope it's useful. I dared to do it just because wikis are easy to revert to previous versions :) Everything I wrote is highly questionable, obviously. Hope this helps.

by Stefano