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what is 4rts.in

4rts aims connecting every 'free' (in the sense of free/libre software) technology and arts

A group of activists from diffrent fields on/from/? free software (swathantra) movement join together to study/share knowledge about how software and free technologies are extremely useful into creativity and in this case in particular into arts. Not only the technologies but also licensing, documentation, examples will (are) be shared discussed (advised) Our studies will be on visual, sound and any kind of arts. then the name suggests (4rts - fo(u)r arts) being practically self-explicative

As main location of the project we'll consider India. Amount of population, cultural diversity makes an ideal place to settle.

The group that participates to the project is 'international' and open to new comers, then we can confront different creative situations with different stiumulus. (arrange like: It is an international group of activists with backgrounds in different fields (technological, artistical, and so on))

Some important things (to develop)

  • Only free tech (write)
  • Only shared and sharing things (write)

important: name that our goal is really based on creativity and not 'droven creativity' (as multinationals do)

keywords: arts, free software, gpl3, creativity, society


Jithin questions:

is 4rts a project or a group of people ?

what is the impact on public of the project?

who will beneffit of it ?

what is the background of this project? (why ?)

to change the structure and

to specify that is 'useful'

objectiv: popularising free software alternatives in the related fields (workshops - training sections ecc) other tecnologies)

who we are

Aravind, Dil, Jucar, Gokul



The Arts (Wikipedia)

In Music




Education (with particular interest on child)

Introduction to 'western' music




Introduction to 'indian' music

(syllabus of BA music)

Introduction to electronic and computer music

~/Pictures/0.ScanImages/scanner_manual/201611/DCIM/100MEDIA/books/riccardo_bianchini (to elaborate)


where does the computer act?


ToDo - Timeline

  •  !! objectives in 3/6/9/.... month (to write)
  • produce djvu and pdf (Dandelot ~/Pictures/0.ScanImages/juan/dandelot/)
  • download complete Russian School of Piano Playing
  • raise some founds !

20180103 Printing Russian School of Piano Playing and Dandelot book 1 (Aravind)

necessary to 'find'

  • speakers (arun tmp)
  • ampli (arun tmp)
  • headphones (.... buy ? ....)
  • micros (probably space)
  • mixer(s) (check it !!)
  • sound cards (Manoj probably)
  • midi-controllers (Aravind one - needed cable)
  • digital and not recorders (.... buy ? space ? )
  • storage systems (on line and off line)
  • computers (.....)
  • laser printer
  • sim card
  • percussion instruments (western and eastern)(see Studio 49)
  • International VoIP number


  • space in gallery
  • mailing list
  • website
    • documents for downlad zone
  • wiki (categories)
  • internet radio
  • ....
  • contacting possible 'friends'
    • eum (uruguay)
    • Gyorigy Kurtag Jr.
    • Tom Mays
    • Anand (arduino robots)
    • Anand friends (speakers ecc)
    • zot
    • ....


  • Rahul - about Mginc lantern and 4rts.in

Some News to check

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zRIFaU0P9VxstuZcK-8PUc5GxgJESoQZ9AFtEhELDEg/viewform?edit_requested=true (from 20180109 to 20180112) !!



Interesting sites


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWS5dlxwZDc (Satyajit Ray on music)


pd - create random rythmical paterns (based on Dandelot)

mridangam note creation

percussion pieces petrucci

Raspberry Pi


Space-Kerala Lab

Space-Kerala Lab


  • repair wiki Template namespace
  • connect sound with insight
  • 5.1 card (for lab)
  • speakers
  • headphones (build :)(space lab)


  • Aravind project for space
  • Cleaning and arranging lab@space


Installed 4rts computer at lab